29 Dec / Eat, Pray, Love

My new favorite book is written by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you have not picked this up, please do so today.

Eat, Pray, Love is a well-written, heart-wrenching, relatable journey of an amazing woman. Not only do I identify with Gilbert throughout the book (which I am reading while working out – it’s making it A LOT easier to get through that 40 minutes!), it’s an absolute joy to read.

Support Portland’s largest independent (and rockin’!) bookstore – Powells – and buy it – today.

Also, one of my favorite journaling exercises is on its way. End of the year analysis.

Try this out – Light some candles, put on your favorite slow jams (I SO miss the 80’s), and take out a notebook. For every month in 2006 Jan. – Dec. write down what you accomplished, what happened – success, failures – all of it. This is so cleansing, trust me!

Then, write on a new sheet of paper: “I intend to attract the following into my life for 2007…”. Write down EVERY SINGLE THING you want to come into your life in 2007. Just let it flow out of you – do not over think this.

Finally, in your kitchen sink – burn the 2006 list. You are now letting go of this year.

With that, seal up your 2007 Wish List in an envelope. Write the date on the front and put it under your bed. Next year, when you do this exercise again you will be STUNNED by how many of the things you wrote down for 2007 came true. I can’t wait to open up my 2006 wish list to see all that I manifested.

Happy Writing & Happy New Year!

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