22 Apr / Go Macro!

A macrobiotic diet sounds a little, well…scientific. I never bothered doing much research on this diet until I received a press release about Go Macro’s new line of gluten-free bars. The founder’s mother had breast cancer and used a macrobiotic diet to cure herself. Amazing! I SO believe that the food we eat is in direct relation to our health. Unhealthy? Check out the food you’re eating (that and the thoughts you’re thinking). That will provide all the answers you need!

While a macrobiotic diet does include whole wheat, the folks at Go Macro decided to add gluten-free to the mix. The bars are a bit carb heavy (35 grams of carbs in one bar) in fact, I wouldn’t eat them as anything more than a meal replacement (with a soy yogurt for breakfast) as opposed to a “snack”.

So far, I’ve tried peanut protein – a little misleading – there are only 13 grams of protein, but it’s very tasty. My favorite is cashew butter – 240 calories, 36 carbs, 4 grams protein. Pretty comparable to Cliff bars, the taste though is somehow – better. It’s lighter and more pure in taste. Is that even possible? Seems so. I’m tearing off pieces of the bars to eat as snacks in between meals. One whole bar is simply too much to eat at once, unless it’s for a meal.

Have you tried Go Macro products? If so, do tell!

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