13 May / How To Eat Wheat/Dairy-Free at Holiday Brunch

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

It seems as though every holiday is also accompanied by mandatory gorging, preferably at a buffet of some type. So in honor of M-day, I joined the boyfriend for a family-filled brunch at the Orchard Hills Country Club. While a buffet brunch (for a holiday no less!) may seem like a no-win situation, here are some tips for eating out holiday-brunch style:

-Protein is the name of the game
Forget about saturated fat for one day and load up on yummy bacon, sausage and eggs.
-Eat all the shrimp and smoked salmon you can handle.
Add the cocktail sauce or salsa – it’s a great w/d-free addition
-Potatoes, baby!
Forget about the waffles and pancakes & bring on the potatoes. Even better, combine with your eggs.
-Wheat-Free Eggs Benedict
Remove the English muffin from the eggs benedict to enjoy wheat-free.
-Allow yourself one small treat
After eating all of the above, I decided that instead of a danish or scone I would splurge on a tiny slice of cheesecake. With a full tummy, I had no side effects (portion size is key – this was similar to a sushi dessert slice at Todai’s).

See, it wasn’t that bad.
Next, drink a lot of water and go for a walk.

Aren’t the holiday’s fun? 🙂


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