20 May / Just Do It

When it comes down to it, you just gotta do it. I’ve been the queen of “not enough time” – until now. I’m starting every day writing in my list of intentions, “I intend plenty of time to do everything I need to do.” And with a full-time writing business, in addition to moonlighting as a full-time PSU student, writing 2 books, monthly articles and business clients – I need to believe and feel that I have plenty of time.

But what I’ve realized is – taking action is the quickest way to alleviating that worry and guilt. So, this week I encourage you to – just do it. Stop thinking about it, talking about it & wondering about it. You’ll feel better, more empowered and get a lot more done when you step into action!

Oh, and something new I’ll be doing every week, is listing books/music/movies that I’m loving right now. Enjoy!

MUST-READ – Changing my relationship with money – yay!

Must-Listen – More insights than the book & movie. LOVE it!

Must-Watch – You’ll be enraged and vow to never give Bush or his oil cronies any more cash. (BTW-did you know that Condoleezza Rice and the rest of Bush’s team are ALL former oil executives? It’s no surprise they aren’t doing anything about oil prices.)

By Heather Kristian Strang in Uncategorized

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