04 Jan / Luna Bar Saves the Day

I am completely out of food.

No Ezekiel bread, Healthy Choice lunch meat (perfect for quesadilla’s & salads!), or soy milk.
I’m even out of my trusted Odwalla bars, which I use as a meal replacement in a jam.

So, yet again – it is the Luna Bar that saves me. I stock pile Luna Bars as if Armageddon really were near (and if it were, would the Luna Bars really do me any good? Who knows, but I have TONS of them.)

My absolute favorite is the Iced Oatmeal Raisin, followed closely by the Lemon Zest. I ate the Nuts over Chocolate for roughly 2 years before converting to oatmeal. I’m one of those die hards that can eat the same thing over and over again until I completely burn out on it.

So, thank you Luna Bar – you completed my nutritional needs once again.
Now, I need to get over to the grocery store!


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