06 May / My Internet Debut

So, I’m a writer.
I write. (This is how I recently introduced myself at a party – it went over well.)

But, sometimes I get lonely.
Actually, being the big talker that I am, I often get lonely. And when talking to the television or to my plants will no longer do, I look for outside resources.

LivePDX recently gave me that opportunity.

In honor of International No Diet Day (which is today, May 6th), I ate my way through Portland, at 6 different restaurants, to be exact. I spent the next two days in the fetal position (see previous blogs).

The great news is, my pain translated EXCELLENTLY onto video. Even better, my fabulous boyfriend directed and edited the piece. He’s a genius! It was so wonderful to work with him again (we met at work, several moons ago).

Check out all the magic here.

And, if you too, often suffer from bouts of writing loneliness – send me an email. I would love to chat!


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