04 Jan / Ode to My Voice

After a false new year start (I’m proclaiming a do-over starting next week) filled with some tough rejections and lots of jagged writing, I penned this free verse poem last night. I had to share, since I dig it:

I’ve lost my voice
Have you seen it?
It’s muddled up in passive voice & forms of “be”
It’s crouched beneath my lovely axed leads & queries

I’ve lost my voice
Do you know where it might be?
Underneath the nails of a wiry editor or
Clasped firmly in the calloused hands of a creative director

I know not
I only wish for my voice

I’ve lost my voice
Any idea where I should look?
Perhaps in my Moleskin journal or
The tattered pages of my poetry book
Is it there?

Crumpled beneath rejection emails and red pen
I find my voice
It’s a little off kilter,
A bit fuzzy,
But still sharp as a whip
It makes me laugh and smile and most of all
Feel proud

So I dust my keyboard and mouse off one more time
And start again.

Here’s to writing, editors, red pen, and copywriting! 🙂

By Heather Kristian Strang in Uncategorized

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