05 Feb / Our Stance on John of God

Okay loves, it’s time for me yet again to speak publicly about something I have not spoken about before.

It’s gonna get raw and real and may offend you.

This needs to be said, so hang on to your hat! πŸ™‚

And so, let’s talk about John of God, shall we?

In 2008, I was very sick and after being at the John of God Casa and receiving a psychic surgery I was miraculously healed. Shortly following this I began having healing energy coming out of my hands and my psychic/intuitive abilities opened.


It’s what set me on the journey of healing, and changed my life.

I am forever grateful for that experience. However…

When I returned in 2013 to the Casa in Brazil, this time for spiritual development purposes, we had just started hearing news that Joao, the man who is called John of God, had sexual assault charges coming up.

I was horrified.
What is with these men?!

I was then guided to not receive a psychic surgery, to not sit in current inside the Casa and to basically stay the F away from John of God.

We did run into the man, Joao, after the Sacred Waterfall one day. We took a photo with him and I was watching and witnessing – would he touch me or anyone inappropriately? Would anything out of alignment take place? Fortunately, it did not. Which left me wondering…

We asked others about these allegations and no one seemed to know anything. I wondered if they were false claims and just couldn’t wrap my head around such a healing force doing something so horrifying.

And so, I was guided to sit in meditation in the Casa Gardens in Brazil which were the Highest vibration of energy I had ever felt (the John of God Casa sits on a clear quartz mine so it is super charged like you cannot imagine!).

During these 4-5 hour long meditations I was given incredible downloads about my path, about my work, and more.

In addition, 5 Ascended Masters, came to me in Meditation and asked that I begin to scribe/write for them. I did not understand channeling as a concept then and it wasn’t until 2015 that that level of the work began to flow through me.

In those early days, they would come into my one-on-one BodyTalk sessions and perform psychic surgeries that were blowing people away and providing great healing.

I was told that I would not return to the Casa again until after the man Joao, known as John of God, had transitioned.

Since that time I have emailed John of God Casa guides and others who visit there to ask about what happened with the 2013 allegations.

John of God was banned from Omega in 2014 I believe, but then was allowed back in.

Everyone said the Miracle Healings were still off the charts and no one seemed to have any information on further allegations.

I still could not recommend others to go visit in good conscience, as I was asked regularly by people for recommendations, etc.

This past year I wondered if maybe it had just been untrue and wondered if the healings could still be effective.

Wonder no more.

12 women have come forward with very detailed (and all similar) sexual assault and rape allegations against John of God.Β (More than 600 women have stepped forward since the initial 12 were courageous enough to share their stories, along with many other horrifying allegations. We are #overJohnofGod officially and forevermore.)

I am absolutely disgusted.

Enough people. Enough.

The Masculine is not capable of holding these positions of power without abusing it.

We must turn to Matriarchal Matrixes and healing modes led by the Divine Feminine.

I am sure that there exist men who are not abusing their power that have healing gifts.

Even so, it’s time to turn this over to the Divine Feminine.

The governments, the healers – it all needs to be led by the Feminine. The Masculine can support this, but he is in no way capable of long-term success in these areas any longer (example John of God, example the current U.S. government).

In order to go Higher, we must be led by the Divine Feminine. Nothing else will do.

In order to experience the level of Love that is necessary for all, we must be led by the Divine Feminine. Everything else will crumble.

Ok, that is all. For now. πŸ˜‰

Yours in Love & Empowerment, Xo

*This stance was originally posted on my Facebook page on December 11, 2018. Since that time, Higher Wisdom has revealed that while in my pain and anger about this turn of events I wanted to wipe the world of all male leaders :), it is a Sacred Union paradigm that will most serve our Earth. The feminine and masculine, together, side by side being of service to support the Ascension and healing of this Earth. This requires deep healing of the masculine and feminine within each of us, and is the empowering work we are here to do more fully now.

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