22 Jul / Relationship Models For Each Level of Consciousness – Which One Are You In?

So, now we know – Spiritual Partnerships are the new frontier, it is part of the New Reality that each of us is being asked to co-create during this incredibly amplified time in consciousness – whether we are single or already in partnership*.

In fact to help us all conceptualize this more fully, I’ve been shown that there are specific relationship models for each dimension of consciousness (duh, right?!). Once I was shown this I wondered how it had never occurred to me before that this was how partnership works!

And so, we are no longer talking about or focused on romantic relationship because it makes financial sense or because we want children and the “clock” is ticking or for the sake of not being alone or because we are “compatible” or even because we have “chemistry” or even because we are “twin flames”.

The above have all formerly served as reasons to be in relationship in times past and it is no longer in alignment to enter into partnership for any of the above reasons.

Only alignment with who we really are and allowing that alignment to lead us to our Beloved will do for us any longer.

The type of partnership we are talking about is something far, far deeper than what we mentioned above and thus far more aligned with who we really are. Which means, partnership can be a more satisfying and fulfilling experience.

Notice we didn’t say that it will be a “perfect” experience (because nothing and everything that’s occurring is perfect through the eyes of Source!), but rather a deeply nourishing and supportive of you and this one in co-creating a New Reality unlike anything either of you have experienced before nor could experience without one another.

Let us explain more fully so that you can check in and see where you’re at currently if you are in partnership now and where you’ve been. This guide is helpful to seeing where previous relationships have been vibrating at so as to witness more fully your own personal expansion and evolution.

Below is an outline of Relationship Models & their Corresponding Levels of Consciousness


3D consciousness – physical-only, rooted in fear/scarcity/lack/survival:

**Traditional marriages with traditional “gender” roles based on, well gender, not energetics. This model carries forward what was done previously by your ancestors and does not allow space for the growth and evolution of one another and the partnership. This is the general energetic structure that all marriages enter. I highly encourage that if you’re getting married or if you are married you bring in a trusted energy medicine / quantum physics practitioner to work on your marriage matrix so that the relationship can ascend into a Spiritual Partnership. Otherwise, once “married” this institutional matrix of marriage is activated and partners often unconsciously revert to traditional roles of husband and wife, rooted in the past, including previous ancestral marriages. This is why you often see couples who have been together for years, break-up/divorce after getting married. They entered the Marriage Matrix but did not shift these frequencies into a Higher Vibration than what their previous ancestors carried and so the relationship then implodes.

**Getting married to have children, because the “clock” is ticking or because a pregnancy ensued.

**Living together/dating because it’s convenient, the sex is “good” and we “like the same things.”

**Wound-mates rooted in survival consciousness (i.e., getting pregnant to “keep” a man, striving to be prosperous solely to “support” the family, etc)


4D consciousness – psychic / astral realm, Manifestor attitude, “I can work with energy and ‘make’ things happen”:

**Twin Flame unions – allegedly experienced in one’s last lifetime, these relationships consistently aggravate and highlight pain stories and patterns and are often far too overwhelming for anyone to stay in for too long. These unions are based on triggers and previous lifetime wounding.

**Karmic Soulmates – these are ones we have shared many lifetimes with and feel a karmic compulsion (or addiction) to be with. Being with them is painful because at least one partner is unable to commit or honor the connection fully. There is a lot of back and forth in these partnerships and is very similar to a Twin Flame connection in terms of dramas and pain stories.

**Wound-mates rooted in “we have to be together because we’ve shared previous lifetimes together!” or because “we went through a lot of pain together” or any story that justifies being together based on trauma-bonding of any kind. These relationships usually carry 1 or 2 primary wound triggers and they enter your life to bring this wound to the surface so it can be evolved forward. These relationships usually do not last very long and can usually be completed without back and forth coming together and breaking apart like the above two listed.

It’s also important to note that if you are in a relationship like any of the above and your partnership is thriving and bringing more Love to the planet, then that is ALL that matters. We are sharing this information to support a greater understanding of past Loves and/or a current relationship that is struggling to continue on. We want you to have all of the tools you need to thrive as you call forth your Spiritual Partner and/or support your current partnership in ascending to a new level of alignment.


5D consciousness – co-creative journey with Spirit/non-physical, rooted in Love, Peace & Prosperity:

**Spiritual Partnership – a partnership that has a foundation of spiritual practice, connection to The Divine and honoring all things as Spirit (fellow humans, animals, the planet, all material items, food, etc). This partnership is about each individual living their Destiny as well as the couple living their partnered Destiny all with the intent of bringing more Love to the greater whole through the vibrations and manifestations of Love, Peace & Prosperity.

**Sacred Union – this is a beautiful term to honor a lifelong committed partnership that embraces all of the above aspects of Spiritual Partnership through sacred ritual (we may call this a wedding ritual) and includes the honoring of the partnership through rings of commitment – which activate the sacred heart lines – the Egyptians taught us this! on the left (feminine) hand, ring finger in a sacred ceremony.

**Premise: “We are together because we daily choose to be through our Divine connection with Higher Consciousness and through our own deeper knowing that this is our lifelong partner to ascend with while in this body.”

Everything during this time in consciousness is being Ascended, meaning it is coming into greater alignment with our Destiny and what will serve us and all in Soul-satisfying and fulfilling ways.


So take a moment to check in – can you see where some of your previous relationships were at? Where is your current partnership at?


If you are single or in partnership, can you feel the resonance with co-creating (through your relationship with your Higher Wisdom – which is Source/Higher Power, your Higher Self & your Guides & Angels of the Highest Light) a 5th Dimensional partnership?

Take time to sit with this in meditation. Then spend some time journaling about what the term Sacred Union or Spiritual Partnership means to you. What does it mean to you to have your Higher Wisdom guide you to your Beloved and to then consciously co-create a partnership that serves you both as individuals as well as the greater collective consciousness (which naturally occurs when we focus on living our Destiny and being of service)?

The JOGs showed me so clearly a planet filled with every being in Loving union with their Spiritual Partner. With the couples core focus not on procreation (please note: there isn’t anything wrong with procreation, AND we have evolved beyond the time of this being the primary focus for partnership), not on amassing wealth/money, not on building an “empire” but on bringing more Love, Peace & Prosperity to the planet through sacred Loving, and through supporting and honoring the planet, all living beings and one another.

For those who are not currently in partnership, there is now before you an incredible opportunity to make this your intention in what you are calling forth. This will look differently for everyone and manifest in a number of surprising and delightful manners. What will matter most is the foundation for this partnership is a mutual desire to create more Love, Peace & Prosperity on the planet through the Love Union and through daily actions and areas of focus.

For those already in partnership, it’s a tremendous opportunity to clean up any energy leaks in your partnership, areas where you or both of you are off path in your partnership by putting attention and energy into “getting” and achieving rather than how to be conduits for Love, Peace & Prosperity for yourselves, your relationship and for the greater whole.

What an incredible time it is to be alive on this planet! We look forward to hearing about your experience of ascending into Spiritual Partnership and all of the rewards it brings to you and to all.

In Divine Love & Miracles,





*Already partnered? Learn even more about elevating your partnership here.

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  • Elizabeth Beasley

    Wow! This post came at the perfect time for me, as I was just reflecting on my current relationship and how it feels wonderfully different than my past ones and my thoughts/feelings about partnership are shifting, opening up and becoming less rigid. Though sometimes I still resist! I loved reading about all the levels. I was like “yep, 3D was so-and-so” and “4D was definitely that dude”. I hope I’m finally at 5D, because that’s definitely what I want. If not yet, then I think I’m at least getting closer! Thank you Kristian, for shedding light on how it all evolves. 🙂

  • Heather Kristian

    As with many things, it’s only once we’ve had some distance and time has passed where we can see clearly what is what. So, this isn’t meant to put pressure on us, only to allow us to take our existing relationships into a deeper focus on Love, Peace & Prosperity and the dimensional piece will be revealed in the perfect Divine timing of course. Our intention makes all of the difference and I believe that’s why this wisdom is being shared with us now. Thank you for sharing and “getting” the power of this! Loving you, Xox

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