30 Mar / Take your health higher during times like these!

With the world a little in the cray-sauce right now, it’s important to tune into the benefits that times like these can also bestow upon us.

Sure, it’s easy to spend hours freaking out about all the millions of ways this whole thing could go – dystopia or utopia (I mean, you know I’m voting for/meditating on/praying/chanting for utopia!), OR you could also use this time to get more clear about how you can upgrade your life.

First stop…physical health.

Maybe it’s time to give a plant-based diet a try? You know you want too…besides it pairs really well with growing your own food (something we can all start leaning into).

But, since every body is different, you may also want to check in to make sure a vegan way of eating is right for you.

I was super stoked to learn about HealthLabs new tests that can help you decide if going vegan is the right thing for you – and to make sure you have all the right nutrients for eating this way too.

You can also test to see if you have any allergies to meat and dairy to support you on your vegan journey.

Pretty cool, right?!

Check out the Vegan testing option here – including a basic, advanced and comprehensive test to answer the question: “Should I be vegan?!”

You can also check out the meat allergen testing option too to see if meat is actually messing with your health.

Recieve 25% off all vegan tests through by calling in and using the code: RISINGUP25

I’ll be doing a few posts for you with health tips and support for your journey during these times that are inviting us to uplevel every area of our lives.

In Love, XoK

P.S. Be sure to check out my recipe blogsite: for more support in eating consciously too. Xo

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