10 Feb / Wheat-Free,Dairy-Free Valentine’s Day Goodness

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I’m looking for goodies beyond heart-shaped milk chocolate (lame!) that add a bit more zest to my V-day sweet tooth.

Recently I discovered a yummy dessert – Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Cookie Dough soy cream. Scoop up some of this goodness and add 1/2 a sliced banana and a handful of carob chips for an indulgent V-day treat.

In the meantime, I’ll be a cooking up a lovely V-day dessert…so stay tuned for pictures and the recipe.

What are you making for Valentine’s Day (or for the week)? Do share! I purposely avoid this commercialized holiday and stay in and feel the love…what are YOU up to?

Happy Eating & Cooking!

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